Gnawed Upon

Work has eaten me alive. Not much time to post and I am sorry for it.

Swallowtail is growing.



Pretty beads. Pretty city in the background.

Summer may be in her final weeks, but you wouldn’t know it. Its hot.


I have a tiny ball of maybe 8-10 yards left of hand-spun Swallowtail yarn left. I tried and tried to spin Sunday night and last night and lost a lot of yarn to breakage and underspun lumps. I figured I was too stressed and tired to spin. Then I had the brilliant thought that I hadn’t oiled Ms. Louet in a few go-rounds and she was overdue. Spinning commenced, but it was 11:30 and I simply spun up what I had predrafted and had not destroyed in bouts of under-lubricated spinning.

For the record, the spinner was well-lubricated. I was drinking Jefferson’s Reserve Oak Barrel Stout, and I adore that beer. You have to since it is roughly $11 for a FOUR pack. I figured if I was so stressed, a little beer would help. It didn’t, but my blood pressure stopped spiking every time the yarn went *twang*.

I hope to achieve some spinning tonight. I promised Mom Chinese for dinner (since we ordered Chinese after she went to bed on Sunday night without so much as asking if she would want some shrimp fried rice; guilt is a powerful force in my life, but I am Catholic after all), and I want Grace to have some time in the pool too. Maybe I can spin on the deck while she plays in the pool, provided I can keep her little fingers out of the flywheel and her hand out of the balancing hole on the wheel. I have nightmares of an emergency room trip and a little pink cast on a broken little wrist….



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