The Light Of Day

Courtney’s memorial service was this weekend. I would like to say I left feeling comforted and at peace with her loss but this is not the case. Still, I spent some lovely time with Ann and Les, dear friends from South Carolina, who were able to delight in Grace’s growth, and spend some nice one-on-one time with my husband in the form of 10+ hours in the car.

I discovered that riding in the back with Grace meant I could knit without much in the way of car-sickness. I also discovered that I cannot count the tiny graph of my Faroese lace chart while tooling down the highway at 70 MPH either, though not before I had knit about 150 incorrectly counted stitches. The mistake was easy to correct, but I opted to wait until we were at our destination. Instead, I added a couple of inches to the Lager sock.

Once we reached a stop, I added a few more rows to the Faroese shawl, that I am now calling Diamonds in the Sky at Night. Thanks to the awesome Triangular Shawl calculator found on Rose-Kim’s blog, I can see how much progress I have made. Unfortunately, I obsessively check how much progress I have made with the end of each two rows. When knitting from the bottom up, I find it amazing how much progress you can make in only a couple of rows, even though your shawl looks like a nice long ribbon at that point. At only 18 rows in, I am right at 18% complete.

Sorry for the crappy picture. The yarn just does not photograph well.

Now, the hand-spun Swallowtail Shawl is already 35 rows in, and less than 10% complete.

Again, sorry for the crappy picture.

I started the beads 2 repeats from the top to help prevent hair from getting tangled in the beads. Green beads are going along the spine, and then the coffee/amber/black beads are going at the base (the SK2P stitch) of each leaf. I want the shawl to be heavy on the beads but I am having trouble finding good places to put them. Right now, I am using the crochet hook method, which is okay except my handspun yarn is not always consistently fine enough to easily slip the 6/0 beads onto, but once I get to the Lily of the Valley section, I might string the beads in advance like I did with Shipwreck and knit them into the some of the yarn overs.

I am still debating about whether to go with the nupps or replace the nupps with a bead. I have looked at the results of the beads and I do not always like the beaded alternative to the nupps. I think the bead really has to contrast or the effect is totally lost. But I could probably use the green beads from the spine of the shawl and get the nice contrast and further tie the green in with the browns, golds, and blacks of the shawl. While it is not as obvious in the yarn, in the roving, it was very obvious that green was a major component of the blended color.


I have some spinning to do tonight since I have a tiny little ball of yarn left. I tried to spin last night, but I kept snapping the delicate yarn; I guess I was too stressed to spin.

I really think it is going to be lovely.


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