So Darn Clever

I promised pictures, but sadly, the Red Hot Roving positively refuses to photograph well.

It is not quite so…bright. Even spun, it photographs poorly:

Taken indoors under fluorescent lighting, it shows up a little truer.


I feel so darn clever when I look at that scarf, even if I don’t particularly like the way it is turning out.

How ever clever I may have felt with spinning and knitting the scarf, I doubled the pleasure of being clever last night when I sat down and mastered Judy’s Magic Cast On.

It looks tricky, fasure. I mean, that Knitty article was 5 printed pages, and there were something like 10 steps on paper, but you know what? It is ridiculously simple, and I am in love with it, which is good since I had to re-do it 3 times last night. But still, it was all in the name of knitting new socks for my Beloved and therefore, totally worth the redos.


That is Oktoberfest Sock kit from the Tsock Tsarina. The yarn is of course from Holiday Yarns, hand dyed, and feels absolutely delicious.

Socks from the toe-up! The idea used to give me shivers all because the methods I knew required a provisional cast on, which, I am just going to be honest here, I hate. The Tsarina’s kit even calls for the provisionally cast on short row toe, which I am sure is just as uncomplicated as Judy’s Magic Cast on, but not having to find waste yarn and a crochet hook made me happy, so I adjusted accordingly.

I was just tickled pink last night to see the results of the magic cast on. No kitchner stitch. No risk of my lousy kitchner leaving holes for dear Byram’s toes to blow holes through. No crappy looking toe. Just a seamless toe that with no evidence of being cast on anywhere.


So, how is this for a weird new world for me: I am knitting a shawl from the bottom up. I am knitting socks from the toe up. I am spinning and knitting a scarf that has to be ready by Friday, which I haven’t touched since yesterday morning because I am too enamoured with knitting things upside-down to want to work on it.

And all the while, I am looking at Etsy and drooling over stuff like this gorgeous, rainbow-dyed roving that I absolutely want to spin into something beautiful. It really is a shame I am broke.

Or is it?


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