There and Back Again

Home from Brigadoon. Or Pennsic. Whatever.

Four days home but my nights are still filled with visions of the past week; a week of heroic deeds, songs shared around a camp fire, great mugs of ale passed around, warm days walking through the market, and delicious food shared under a tent. It is rare that I miss Pennsic so soon after getting home; some years I swear I won’t even go back until about six months later when the pains are forgotten. This year was different and it was different in a very good way.

Once it dried up, the weather was phenomenal. There was no drama in our camp of about 17. The food was better than it has ever been in my 8 total Pennsics. My dear husband and I never fought.

This Pennsic was especially a good fiber Pennsic. Spanish Peacock was carrying lots of yummy roving for Feeling Sheepish and I picked up 8 ounces total. I got five $1 baggies of some handdyed unknown wool to practice on my spinning wheel with. I got a pound of Ashland bay colonial top in two colors (Agate and Goldenrod), and one 2 ounce bag of Ashland Bay black top for something small and lacy (maybe a mobius scarf?).

I wanted a new niddy noddy, but chickened out. I wanted a couple of new spindles (I only have a half dozen or so), but my wallet had been lightened by my load of fiber. That is okay; I suspect I will see Miguel of Spanish Peacock in about two and a half weeks and maybe I can score something then.

With all that fiber, I spent a lot of time in camp spinning up small samples, plying, and knitting up little swatches. As a result, I never started the socks I had brought to work on (which is good since I kept using one of my DPNs as a hair stick), and Moonlight Sonata remained in my bag for the most part. Unfortunately, ten minutes before we pulled out of town on Friday, July 31, as I was knitting happily along on Moonlight Sonata, I realized I had misinterpreted a symbol on the chart and what I thought had been three Purl Two Togethers in a row was actually Purl Two Together, Purl Three Together, Purl Two Together. Argh. Of course, 10 minutes later, I was on I-95 headed north and, sadly, I am not able to knit while riding in the car. I get horrible motion-sickness. With 4 days between when I made my error and when I picked it up to try and recover it, I made a solid mess of things. Once I got all my “moons” corrected, and was knitting away happily, suddenly, as I lay in the hammock, I realized I was knitting stitches off the wrong row on the chart next. I set Moonlight Sonata aside, not to be touched again until I got back to the real world.

I did manage to correct all my mistakes yesterday at least.

So want to see some of what I have started since Pennsic?


That is “pre-yarn” or roving, in colorway “September” that I picked up from Feeling Sheepish by way of Spanish Peacock. I have been spinning it on a drop spindle and then chain plying or Navajo plying it onto another spindle. I have a confession. I absolutely suck at Navajo plying. Really, I do. That being said, I do not suck so bad that I cannot work up a three plied yarn out of it, and once it is all knit together, you really cannot tell that I suck. See?

One Row Scarf

That is The Yarn Harlot’s One Row Scarf pattern. I am very proud to say I achieved the self striping yarn I was looking for, but I have a LOT more spinning to do.

Also, I have roving in colorway “Red Hot” that is varying shades of red, pink, and hot pink, that I am spinning for a scarf (I want to try and make it in a linen stitch) for my dear friend Ann, who has an appreciation for all things pink. I had to get something that varied away from my ordinary blue theme. “September” really didn’t. I think the Red Hot roving will be spun on the spinning wheel since I would really like to have it spun, plied and knit, by…haha, get this…next Saturday. So, my September Scarf and Moonlight Sonata be damned. Since next Saturday will be the first time I have seen Ann in nigh on a year, I want to gift her with something really special, and her birthday is only a few weeks away as well.

How exactly do you think this is all going to work out?


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by bdb on August 12, 2009 at 12:30 PM

    Why do I see you not sleeping?


  2. HEE! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the floof! Your ‘September’ scarf is simply lovely – and I can’t wait to see what you do with ‘Red Hot’! :)

    Happy spinning! :)


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