Rambling Rover

I am at the front desk for my first hour of enforced downtime at work. I should be knitting. I sort of want to knit. Apparently, I would rather write the Blog even more.

I write blog entries in my head almost constantly. In fact, my thought patterns run more like blog entries now, I guess because I have been keeping a blog in one form or another since November of 2000.

The problem I have is that sometimes I have so much I want to tell you, dear Blog, that it becomes overwhelming and I just figure there is no way for me to get it all down on pixels. Besides, what I write in my head is MUCH more eloquent than what I ever get around to actually writing.

Right now, I think there is just too much in my world. I am 4 days from leaving for Pennsic and I am just at the point, the same point I get to every year, where I just need to leave and get to Coopers Lake. I want to leave my familial drama behind in Virginia. I want to leave the ironing and packing behind. The painting, polishing, and repairing. For my many non-SCAdian readers, it is hard to explain exactly what I am doing. Pennsic is a two-week long “medieval” adventure in the mountains of Pennsylvania. SCAdians from all over the world come together for a “war” and it is a wonderful time. What it means though is I have a second “home” in the form of a camp in PA; it has a kitchen, a bedroom in the form of a canvas tent, a living room in the form of a fire pit and seating, lighting, a shower (hot and cold running water), a dining room, all of which have to be put up and taken down from this campground in Pennsylvania. Plus there is all the clothing, armour, and personal effects. All of this has to be maintained and, as is my desire, made to look at least somewhat presentable before I go and drag my dresses through the mud and roll my armour in the grass.

There is a lot of ironing, sewing, painting, and polishing to be done every July as a result, and usually by this week, the first week of the event when I cannot be there due to real life constraints, I am D O N E with all of the above, even though there is still a pile of unfinished ironing, exactly 3 dresses and one veil is packed, and I haven’t even looked at my armour.

I realized today that my need to flee is also complicated by my intense need to knit. The Finnish Socks are finished. The Cat’s Paw Pillow (from “A Gathering of Lace”) is finished and blocked, and looks phenomenal as it turned out (pictures to come as SOON as I locate the camera that went to Pennsylvania this past weekend). The Cat’s Paw Shetland lace scarf is coming along, but every repeat is aching, like pushing a sore tooth around with your tongue. This was the scarf I planned the Thursday night we heard that Courtney was feeling better and soft and warm items would be appreciated. This delicate but firm, lacy but warm scarf was intended for Courtney. Knitted on smaller needles than the pattern called for, I wanted it more solid for warmth, and smaller in width for Courtney’s tiny little neck.

Of course, Friday morning, the 17th, came with all of its awful news, and yet, I am knitting that stupid scarf anyway. Where the Cat’s Paw pillow was hateful to knit, this scarf is hurtful to knit. It represented hope when I planned it. Now, it is just a symbol of my sorrow. I haven’t ripped it back yet. I would like to think that I won’t; that I will have the spine to finish what I started for Courtney’s sake.

I don’t know what I would do with it once it is finished though. I could probably find a fashionable way to wear it to the memorial service now set for August 22, but a wool scarf sounds like a bad plan for August in North Carolina. Maybe I can donate it for a fundraiser or something for Komen or another cancer charity. I don’t know yet, but the first thing I have to do is finish it.

Finally, I have decided what my next major project will be. The Moonlight Sonata shawl has called to me from my earliest days of knitting, not quite a year ago. Its name. The sample’s color. Everything about it appealed to me (except the provisional cast on which still does not appeal to me), and finally, I think my skill level is appropriate and I identified the perfect yarn in Knit Picks Shadow Lace in Midnight (I cannot deny the color is blue, but at least it is the deepest blue possible, with much green and black heathered in). The yarn is ordered and the chart is printed, and it will be waiting for me after Pennsic, and hopefully, after I finish the scarf.

The scarf that I have not been knitting when I have been typing.

Only four more days until I say goodbye to the modern world for a while.


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  1. oooooh you will love Moonlight Sonata. It was the first shawl I knit (and only, so far) and I love-love-loved it. It does have a p3tog which made me mad from time to time – maybe you’re better at those than I ever was!


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