Trying To Keep Up

I am trying to be more diligent about posting, but last Friday honestly knocked me on my ass for the week. That and the worry that my Beloved might have a blood clot (it wasn’t; just a heinous hematoma). Now the weird and slightly painful rash that has appeared above my left ankle has me wondering if that tick bite at Summer War on July 4 has resulted in Lyme disease; because that is exactly what I need the week before I leave for Pennsic.

All the sorrow and anxiety of this week has resulted in a metric buttload of knitting (that is the scientific value, or so I am told). The hand-dyed, hand-spun Kitty Pillow case is finished, though I find it entirely unattractive and borderlining on plain old ugly. To be fair, I haven’t blocked it yet.

Further, I finished my Finnish socks! In a fit of frustration and determination, I sat down and over two days I knit out the last 6 inches of the second sock, coming up short on black yarn and continuing the colored stripes up the toe further than on the first sock, and I still only had about 3 inches of black yarn left over (not enough to properly weave in, so a tiny knot is the result), so the socks don’t match. Not pleased that they do not match, but I am highly pleased with the rest of the finished product. My second sock is neater looking, with the design more defined than the first. I don’t know if it is because my technique tightened up or it hasn’t ridden around in my knitting bag for 5 months getting roughed up. Either way, if they fit the person I knit them for, she will receive them on Tuesday after a good washing this weekend. I confess I wore them for about 15 minutes last night.

I have started two aborted attempts at the Peacock Wedding Shawl (Rav link) by MMario on Ravelry. I have cobweb laceweight perfect for the project (in Blue of course because you know I have a problem with Blue), but it is TINY and knitting it on blunt US3s wasn’t working. Plus, some of the increases are fiddley to me. KYOK in the same stitch is fine until you try to knit the next round plain, for me anyway. My eyes are getting older and it is harder and harder to differentiate that tiny cobwebby yarn’s stitches. My count was getting screwed up at only 5 rows in. Plus, I am in search of bottle green glass beads which I haven’t found, and once I do, I think I will go after this shawl much more seriously. Between now and Pennsic, nothing exceptionally tricky is going on the needles.

Last night, after yanking off the second attempt at the Peacock Wedding, I cast on the Shetland Cat’s Paw Scarf (Rav link). I fell in love with that lace scarf almost 8 months ago, but back then, as a brand new knitter, it seemed shockingly complex. Even more mystifying to me was that this was considered a simple and easily memorized pattern for girls to knit on the go; something they wouldn’t need a written pattern to knit. I thought back then there was no way in Knitter’s Hell I could memorize SIX whole lines of chart, of which, only three even had any lace stitches. Ha. Eight months and a multitude of projects, including a couple of massive lace projects makes a big difference. I cast on and got started without even having the pattern in front of me last night. Today, I am 3 repeats in, knitting happily away at little cat’s paw lace, no pattern to be seen. I am using left over yarn from the Shipwreck Shawl, Knit Picks Palette yarn in Clematis, in case you are curious. The pattern called for 6mm needles, but I opted to go for a more solid look and a more narrow scarf using 3.75 mm needles (US 5). I figure I will get more length out of whatever yardage I have left of this yarn that way too.

This week is finally over; it has been a brutal one, full of soul searching and tears. When someone dies too young, it spurs everyone to want to act, probably because they were so helpless in the face of an uncaring and hateful foe; helpless to aid their friend losing her fight with cancer; helpless to protect her or for so many of us, to even be there with her.

This Pennsic is going to be a Pennsic focused on our grief and moving forward. Losing Arielle has been very hard on many people and I think this Pennsic is going to be a very emotional one as so many people will come together to grieve and share with each other, and at the same time, gather a ring of support around her husband, who needs our support, love and prayers now more than anything.

I still think it is brutally unfair that we lose the best among us first.


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