Catching Up

Cloaked in Beauty

I love that picture.

I didn’t mean to go so long without posting. I have a very important post to make, but my brain is all sideways this week and it will have to wait until after Memorial Day weekend.

This week’s focus has been my other hobby. The more expensive one: the SCA. This weekend, our local group is hosting a good 800 people from around the mid-Atlantic region at a park in Amelia County. I sewed two tunics for a new guy and a new gown for me. We helped out at the site clean-up, and got our clothing and gear ready. Now it is time to pack.

There has been some knitting. Not a tremendous amount, but I have knit up two-thirds of a sock since yesterday morning. There is something very gratifying about 3.5 mm needles and light weight sock yarn. The sock appears out of nothing in no time.

All I have on the needles are the Finnish socks, which I cannot knit with anything going on around me and now these vanilla socks (not even a pattern, just a 1×1 rib leg and a plain jane foot). I wanted to have something I could knit without thinking about this weekend at the event when I have a few minutes to sit with some ladies and chatter and knit. I might have a complete pair of socks by this weekend, but I doubt it.

Anyway, the new pair is really nothing fancy, but I did play with the heel a bit. I tried the “handkerchief” or v-heel. The back of the heel comes to a bit of a point. As I knit the heel flap, I twisted all the knit stitches (purled plain), so the heel has a neat look to it.

Twisted Heel

Very subtle, subtle enough for my husband to wear, but different enough to be fun to knit.

Other than that, lots of sewing, lots of planning, lots of playtime with my girl, but little knitting. Grace has made a developmental leap in the past week. She started stringing two words together like “Papa byebye.” Last night, she correctly identified the color blue and said the word Blue for the first time (“Bwuuuuue!”). I am flabbergasted by how exciting each new word is. She discovered the word Bubble in the tub on Saturday.

Her hair is getting long finally. Pigtails are just crazy cute.


She flies around like a whirling dervish these days, bouncing off the furniture, running up the stairs, trying to climb on the table or the computer chair. She is very tall for her age and lately, I forget she is still only a year and a half old, even though she was just an inch or so shorter than a 3 year old she played with at the park on Mother’s Day.

On The Run

She leaves tomorrow to go to Camp Grandma’s to visit Great-Ma, Grandma, Grandpa (maybe), Cheyenne the 12 year old dog, Rusty the old cat, and Shadow, the young gray cat. With a practical menagerie of critters, I will feel lucky if she ever wants to come home. I will miss her a lot, but it made the most sense for her to visit my family this weekend while Byram and I play host to a good portion of the Kingdom of Atlantia.

When I get back from Amelia next week and get settled back into the modern world, I will try and get my very important post (the VIP) up.

Happy knitting!


2 responses to this post.

  1. Can’t wait to see you this weekend! I am bringing knitting and am excited to see your fancy heel flap. After the event I’m casting on the Aeolian shawl. Whoo hoo!


  2. Posted by Dee Dee on May 21, 2009 at 8:44 AM

    Now you’ve got me all curious about the VIP.

    Amanda is running around like a whorl wind too. And she IS climbing into the computer chairs and can now even get on the sofa without help. I’ve taken to turning the kitchen chairs upside down on the kitchen table to keep her off the counters. Although a couple of days ago she just rolled my computer chair in there to get up on and get in a drawer. lol Alas still not a lot of talking going on here. Everything is a ball. lol and I’ve reciently got her to say “juice” I’m not worried I’m sure once she starts I’ll wish she’d stop. She communicates in her own little way… the words will come. Miss you guys. Have fun this weekend.


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