Too Many Pots On The Stove

Quick! Don’t make any sudden movements…you might scare the sun away!

A little lamentation. Maryland Sheep and Wool was this past weekend. For 6 months I had been planning to go. I had contemplated how I could arrange to go on a weekend that also has another traditional event I should be at. I opted out of that other event, and dreamed of joining in the 10K+ hive mind of spinners, knitters, and fiber-focused people, and spend money on a pretty spring day in Maryland.

Well, there is this little Recession going on. No extra money for a trip to buy stuff in Maryland (though we spent double what I would have spent in Maryland on beer last month…obviously I can only have one expensive hobby at a time). I am committed to going to the Fall Fiber Festival near Charlottesville this October, but I still missed one of the biggest festivals there is.

So it was Saturday afternoon, a gray, rainy afternoon, when a package arrived at my home with my name in it. It was a gift of “pre-yarn;” 2 ounces of a luscious burgundy corriedale roving sent to me by my friend Kitty. It is a great color and I am thinking of trying to creatively blend it with an equally deep cobalt blue roving I have and then knit the Yarn Harlot’s One Row Scarf from the resulting yarn.

Also in the realm of the uber-cool, today I found Beer Socks. I adore these socks and really gave deep consideration to dropping the $30 for the kit. Byram wanted a pair in time for Oktoberfest this year. $30 isn’t unreasonable if it is say…a birthday present, and that person’s birthday is next Saturday.

I am still plugging away at Shipwreck. I am much more enthusiastic since I posted out loud my desired “Due By” date this week. I actually really do want it finished by Tuesday. Ideally, I would like it finished by Saturday so I could use the bed in my Mom’s room to block it on over the weekend while she goes home. Otherwise, it will have to block on the floor in the basement, I guess. I am on round 8 of 13 on the 6.5mm needles. In the weeks since I was gifted with the 40″ long size 8mm Addi Turbos, I have misplaced them. I will probably tear up the house tonight looking for them.

In really scary (to me) news, I was contacted by a lady who saw my knitting lesson ad on Craigslist. Her grandmother died last year leaving an unfinished afghan behind. This lady would like me to complete it (she has the pattern and everything) so she can surprise her mother with it. I have tentatively accepted and she is mailing the work in progress to me. No time frame and no money have been discussed yet. My doubts are raging. I haven’t seen it, she didn’t describe it other than to confirm it was knitted and not crocheted, but visions of miles of yarn knitting on 4mm needles are dancing before my eyes. And cables, unending cables. I have no love for cables.

I am scared to death.


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