T-Minus 6 Days

We have come a long way since March.

The First Photo of Shipwreck

Shipwreck is progressing. Ben Franklin had 36″ US 10.5 circulars for less than $7 (Boye brand) so I snagged them. Since I was there and I had cash in my pocket, I also picked up a set of US 0 and US 1 double pointed needles.

I have found The Pattern I want to use for my sister in law’s Christmas socks. It is called RPM and I think it looks need. I think it will create a neat effect with the Noro. Here is an image I borrowed from Knitty.


I adore that colorway; it is called Blarney Stone, and I am guessing it was a Blue Moon yarn. It doesn’t seem to be available anymore. Of course, since I had to look for Blarneystone, I had to look at Blue Moon in general, and I simply adore all their yarn. I want to knit up a pair of socks in the Sapphire colorway just for the name (remember, I have a problem with blue). The Blue Moonstone is also very pretty, but again with the blue. For a non-blue option, I fell for Sunkissed Sand. How could a Buckroe girl not love a beach reference?

Anyway, now I have pattern, needles, and yarn for my sister in law’s socks. It is so hard to resist the siren song of a new project, especially at this, the tail end of Shipwreck, and at a stalled point in the Finnish socks. Still, so far, I am resisting.

But back to the Shipwreck at hand. I was contemplating trying a single crochet bind off to finish it, like for the Vernal Equinox shawl. I am still contemplating it. The loops would make it easier to block, but it might not look right, might take too much yarn, or I might just plain screw it up.

I ought not count the chickens before the eggs hatch and I ought not get too deep into thought about binding off when I still have a dozen or so rows to knit.

So since I was able to get the right sized needles, I went on with the pattern as it calls for, not substituting a larger sized needle or any other drastic measures. I confess I have not used a pattern that needed so many different needles before, and never before have I stayed so true to a pattern. We started on nice little 3.5 mm dpns, then went up to the 3.5 circular, which couldn’t be too big (I think I squeaked by with a 29″ circular). Then up to the 5mm needles, then 5.5, and I finished up with the 6mm needles Monday night. Now, on 6.5mm needles, I have worked 3 of the 13 rows left. Once these 13 rows on 6.5mms are finished, I make the big jump to 8mm needles, and we reach the end of the pattern, increasing every stitch, and then binding off the next time around. I can see the glimmer of the light at the end of the tunnel. My artificial deadline of Tuesday, May 12 is closing in. I have to knit more than a row per day to make it now, which is achievable but I am going to be knitting a LOT. I wonder how long it will take me to make the 580 stitches into 1160, and then to bind those off?

Anyway want to get in on a pool?


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  1. Glad to see you mixed up the blue with the sand. LOL!


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