To Move A Lighthouse

It was a truly lovely weekend. A little too much alcohol, but lots of time with friends around the fire and playing board games. Some wonderful play-time with Grace, some gardening time, and even some knitting time.

I am convinced now that Shipwreck is a black hole of knitting. Every stitch made is sucked into the black hole and disappears; no progress is ever made and the shawl will never be finished. It bends the laws of nature to meet its own devious designs; what is a measly 1000 stitches to it? Nothing. You couldn’t even tell I knit at all this weekend, despite the fact I knit the entire time “Animation Domination” was on last night (which served as a reminder to me why I did enjoy cable).

I could knit two rounds on the Finnish Socks, 128 little stitches, and you would be able to tell I had made some progress. Two rounds on Shipwreck and nada; you couldn’t look at it and see I had done anything at all.

I remember many years ago when they moved the Hatteras Lighthouse. The local news would end every day with a little video of the progress. They moved the lighthouse so slowly, you couldn’t actually see it move on the camera, but every day, there was progress made. Inches at a time, but they moved a whole lighthouse.

I guess my Shipwreck is my own Hatteras Light. (I find it incredible that Word doesn’t recognize Hatteras as a word by the way…) You cannot see progress being made but the shawl gets a little bigger every time I sit down with it.

I did set myself a goal a few weeks ago; a date by when I wanted it finished. That date was May 12th, in honor of the birthday of a lady who would have greatly appreciated the purple nature of this shawl. She isn’t with us anymore, but as her birthday draws near, I have been thinking more and more about her, the years that have passed without her, and wondered what she would think of everything now. May 12 is 8 days away. If I want to finish it, I am going to have to be knitting morning, noon, and night, and also make a quick decision how to proceed when I have to go up a gauge in needles in a few short rounds. The next round is supposed to be on US 10.5s and I neither have 10.5s nor do any of my friends. I might go by Lettuce Knit and see if they have them (I doubt it; their needle selection wasn’t the best ever). Ben Franklin might too, but either way, I will wind up paying upwards of $10-$12 for a pair of needles I won’t likely use again in the next few years.

My options are to do half of the 10.5 gauge stitches on the US10s and the other half on the 11s (a friend bought Addi Turbos for me!) or substitute the 10.5s with the 11s and do the last round on a US13 that was loaned to me by another friend.

I don’t know what I will do yet. I guess I will try Ben Franklin first. If I cannot find 36-40″ US 10.5s, then I have 4 more rows on the US 10s to figure it out. Either way, it is a race to May 12 and I don’t want to miss my date.


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