UnFinnished Business

It is Spring in Richmond. The river is full (lots of rain lately), the world is green, and the sun is out.

The same view, as seen through Shipwreck. Hm.

I decided it was best for my relationship with Shipwreck if we went through some Stranded Counseling.

Remember the Finnish Socks? I had set mine aside for the Shipwreck. I think this might have been the last time you saw my first attempt at stranded/fair isle knitting.

Well, yesterday, I picked it back up. By 4pm, this is what I had.


This morning, this:


One Finnish Sock down. It is very pretty. It does not look exactly like the pattern, but I like it. It was so fast to knit. I had forgotten how quickly I actually can knit when there are no beads and lace involved. This was instant gratification knitting. This was heaven. This was therapy. The good kind; not the Vodka and Valium kind that I said originally I thought Shipwreck might turn out to be (I wasn’t wrong).

That being said, I am a little intimidated to cast on the second sock. When I was knitting this sock, it was intense. It was intimidating. I was winging it and hoping for the best. No pattern (that I could interpret anyway), my notes, such as they were, have disappeared. They began to get a little long (even for my size 11/12 feet) so I shortened my toe up considerably, altering the toe on the fly. I have little hope for making these socks match perfectly, and it is daunting to want to go forward and take up the challenge of the second sock.

I really do not want to have two major unfinished objects sitting out there; I really want both the shawl and the socks to be done, but right now, I am disinclined to pick up either of them. I would rather be looking for a perfect Kureyon pattern for my sister-in-law’s Christmas socks. As soon as I fight the pattern, though, I will have to knit the socks and I need the needles to work on the mate to my Finnish sock.

So, I have to, HAVE to, finish the Finnish socks.

At the same time, I cannot dirtbag on Shipwreck. It is my love, through thick and thin, sickness, health, dropped stitches, an oddity in the pattern, ’til cast-off do us part. I am getting 2 or 3 emails a week asking me for suggestions and assistance on the pattern since I am not the only one who had trouble with it. I have to finish it so I can actually know what I am talking about when I give my oh-so-sage advice.

Besides, how could I NOT want to knit this:

Now, a long weekend lies ahead. I have Monday off to be home with Grace while my mom is on a mini-vacation. The rest of the weekend, Byram will be in West Virginia, so I will be tending the home fires. I have a laundry list of activities planned. A tub to caulk. A garden to weed. Tomato seedlings to start hardening off. An herb show to go visit. Canning jars to pick up. Laundry, dishes, cooking, and playing with my girlie, who will hopefully be feeling much better this weekend.

All of that sounds really wonderful, especially if I can get some knitting finished up in there.


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