Sleepless In Richmond

I am wondering if my Shipwreck is a Haunted Shipwreck…I have been working steadily on it and finished the 13 rows of size 9 needles last night. Now, Grace is sick with croup and pitiful, therefore, I am pitiful, so I figured knitting was the balm my soul needed last night. I started the transition from US9s to US10s last night and was knitting away, getting up from time to time when the Pookie cried out or the coughing got really bad.

Are you even a little surprised that I discovered about 1am that 4 or 5 stitches had slipped off the tail-end of the US9 needle? Somehow I have to figure out how to recover a whole slew of dropped stitches in this netting. I even thought to myself that I needed to wrap a rubber band around the end of that needle to prevent any stitches from sliding off, but just because I have a good idea doesn’t mean I am smart enough to act on it.

So Shipwreck stayed at home today. I am too tired to try and figure out where all those yarn overs went to. Funny enough, my Never Not Knitting calendar today explains the different naming nuances of the yarn over.

I wish I had a pair of straights and some yarn to just garter stitch. If wishes were fishes and all that…I cannot believe I cleaned up my knitting bag so much that I have nothing to knit.

Anyway, for local Richmonders who like gardening, homesteading, or anything of that nature, The Fountain Bookstore (Cary Street) is having a Homesteading Week. All books that are related to gardening, homesteading, food preservation, animal husbandry, and such, are 10% off. Tomorrow, 4/22, Richard Nunnally, a local garden expert will be there from 12:20-2:30 to answer questions. Thursday, a cheese making expert will be there with homemade cheeses to taste and buy. Friday, a butcher from Belmont Butchery will be there to answer questions.

This Saturday is the Maymont Herb Festival, from 8:30 to 4. Check Maymont.Org for fees and details. I plan on being there pretty early that morning with the Pookie, assuming she is feeling up for such an outing.

I am looking forward to getting out and about a bit, playing in the dirt this week, and figuring out exactly what flowering plant it is that my grandmother send me that she calls Rose Campana. I can find no such plant listed on the interwebs anywhere. I have a tomato plant to put in the ground as well as a cucumber that will likely end up in the compost patch to grow just because I am out of space for another large growing plan like that. I have 6 seedling tomatoes that need places to go in May, and I am already dreaming of a bigger and better garden space for next year.

In the meantime, I am waiting for the work to come in that I made myself get up and be here for instead of being home with my sick baby.

Think good thoughts for me!


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