It is such a still kind of morning. The baby went back to bed for an early (and extra-long) nap. There is little traffic on Beulah road. Food Lion was not busy. Things are so peaceful and quiet. It wont last. The church 4 doors down will let out in 30 minutes and traffic will pick up. We have some 20 guests coming for a planning session around 2pm.

I have bread to go in the oven, fruit needing cutting for fruit salad, cheese that needs cubing, a house that needs straightening (and an honest outright cleaning), and a toddler who hasn’t been herself this weekend will be up shortly. But for now, there is a lull.

I wish I could convey to you how happy I am. How much I love our lives here; how much my family brings me joy. This morning, I am at peace, and I really needed it.

Here are some pictures from around the Manor by the High Bridge this morning.

Rosemary and Lemon Thyme

Mint, Variegated.

A teenie, tiny, strawberry to be.

Blueberries to be.

Tiny leaves and figs on my fig tree.

In all its glory, my compost pile, such as it is. Dirt to be.

Hubby is up, bread needs baking, fruit needs slicing, and its time to get rolling.

I wish you all peace and calm in your day.


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