Careless Whisper

I was too antsy to sit still last night. No possible way for me to sit still enough to actually knit. The Shipwreck is NOT going to move along as quickly as I hoped. I am actually considering taking some time off from the Shipwreck. Aside from the fact that I have borrowed a pair of 6mm 40 inch long circulars from a friend, I have no immediate rush to finish this project. No deadline. I could create one. I could call this my Mother’s Day or Summer Solstice shawl. My Pennsic War shawl. Any date would do, but any date I would give would be movable. I would really like to do some work on the Finnish stranded socks from over a month ago. I am afraid I didn’t mark what row I was on and I am going to have a really hard time picking them back up. I would like to start on the cat lace pillow case from A Gathering of Lace for my grandmother’s Christmas gifts, or garter stitch my way to the end of that Noro scarf (thanks Lisa, I did get the yarn; I thought I had written you to say so, but I am a jerk and didn’t apparently!). There are any number of projects I could work on right now and I confess that every one of them are more appealing than the unending rounds of YO K2Tog right now.

Don’t get me wrong. I am in love with Shipwreck. Deeply. But I think it is lot like a new relationship growing more mature. You remember the day I first saw it. It was love at first sight. Then, with care and excitement, I chose my color, I chose my beads, and with the patience of a saint, I awaited the day that all things, needles, yarn, pattern, and beads would be joined together in my hands and the romance would finally begin in earnest. That day came, and the relationship blossomed. At first, everything was rosy. We zoomed along together, in the Spring of our romance. Then we went through that rough patch, you know, when I threatened to leave it on a highway somewhere in Utah after it betrayed me, but I forgave it and with the care of a surgeon, I repaired the damage we had suffered and we grew stronger together in a better knowledge of one another.

We became formally committed after the completion of the band of leaves. Like a wedding band for a new bride, I was excited to head into the next step of our relationship; the repetitive and unending work of some 30,000 stitches, and we were on our way into the Summer of our romance. Then somewhere along the way, the sparkle of the beads grew dull. The routine of YO, K2Tog, string a bead, slide the beads back along the yarn, YO, K2Tog, began to wear a hole in my brain. It caught me once, looking at a subtly cabled cardigan, and looked at me with loathing. Perhaps now is the Winter of our discontent.

My eyes stray, though my hands have not. I promise the Shipwreck it is still as beautiful as ever, and that the extra work making it more beautiful every day is totally worth it. I make these promises and then steal away to the internet to look at knitting pr0n and fantasize about fresh and lovely projects that are begging for my attention.

For now, I remain committed.

God, give me strength.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by bdb on April 15, 2009 at 10:44 AM

    Bwaha. Very cute!

    I hope we are still in our Springtime. I love you more and more each day!


  2. Hee! That is awesome! It’s exactly how I feel about those damn lace socks.


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