A New Morning

I had an incredible Easter weekend. The weather was less cooperative than I would have liked, but it didn’t matter. Easter vigil was particularly moving this year; Father Golden gave a homily that ranked among the best I have ever heard and it was a shorter mass since the Church has decided to change how and when it brings in new adult members. We fear change, but it still made for a nice and short Vigil.

Saturday, while the girl-child took a well-deserved nap and the hubby went on a provision-run, I went out to the compost pile with a rake and a square shovel and started moving compost. We had some railroad ties given to us to build our garden boxes months ago, and the remnants weren’t good for anything really, so I dragged them over and started stacking them into a triangular “container”, and finally, my compost is somewhat corralled. I have more stacking I need to do because it is already pretty deep, but the temp dropped 20 degrees and it started raining in the 30-45 minutes I was out there working.

Later, I drove right out to the edge of the boonies and went to the local Tractor Supply store to see what gardening goodies they had. Turned out, they had not much to appeal to me, but I got to play with the chicks and the ducklings, and coo at the bunnies and touch all the soft, warm, fuzziness that Spring has to offer. They even had three tiny little Bantam chicks that were absolutely adorable, but they really where smaller than I had ever imagined.

From there, I hit Lowes to get some seedling veggies. I had no peppers or summer squash seeds, and while my tomato seeds are sprouting, I worried that with them being so far behind schedule (my first attempt was wiped out in the end of March) that they might fail utterly, I wanted to have some kind of back up plan.

I got two tomatoes (Celebrity, which my mom swears by, and Early Girl), two red sweet pepper plants, one yellow pepper, two summer squashes, and one winter squash (butternut). I am going to try really hard to get them in the dirt this evening. Last frost date isn’t for two more days, but the weather this week is mild and I am praying that we won’t get a freak-freeze in the next week or so. This is about all my tiny little beds can hold (maybe more than they can hold). I would really like a cucumber too for pickles, but…I don’t see it happening at this point.

My spinach is very slow growing; I hope to get something from it before it is too hot. I do plan to let one plant bolt so I can collect some seeds for next year. My lettuce is coming in nicely. It is my hope that of those should be wrapped up by mid-May, at which time I will replace them with melons and possibly more beans and peas. Late this summer, as the early plants are wrapping up, I will start the autumn crop.

Strawberries are doing well from their recent planting about 3 weeks ago. I have pretty white little blossoms on some of those tiny little plants; the promise of future berries. My blueberry bush seems to be thriving. The fig tree is starting to leaf out.

It almost sounds like the earliest beginnings of a little suburban homestead.

That thought makes me smile.

I will return you to your regular knit-blog shortly, but you can probably expect an increase in gardening, growing, and frugal living posts in the coming months.

It is rarely dull at the Manor by the High Bridge anymore.


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