The Camera Works Again

Tomorrow, we reach the final border of our Lenten desert and the Triduum begins. Sunday was Passion or Palm Sunday and we celebrated the occasion by joining in on the ecumenical “Palm Walk,” essentially a parade of parishioners from 6 different churches in the area of Richmond’s Stuart Circle.

We had gorgeous spring weather. Grace got dressed up for the occasion.

I got a good morning kiss.

We struck out and had a wonderful time.

Gracie said her prayers.

And by the end, we all wished we could do this:

Shipwreck is coming along. Thanks to the generosity of knitters in my circle of friends, I am being loaned a very long size US10 needle and being gifted with a US11 needle. I do not have a 10.5 so I haven’t figured out how to proceed, whether I will skip the size or keep trying to find one.

Here is how the faggot lace “netting” looks so far.

And the second set of leaves that are giving so many knitters trouble.

In this light, they look particularly bad, but actually, from more than a few inches away, they aren’t too bad. I don’t know if there is something wonky with Rows 30-31 or not, but I am not the only one to have trouble with it. Still, we are beyond that now and deep into netting. It did turn out that my 29″ US 9 circular fits okay. It is crowded but not unworkably so. I relish the longer 10 I am being loaned, but there is something to be said for the ease of control of having it all on a shorter needle. The 36″ US8 I just finished using was floppy and got a bit stiff and a little wonky towards the end.

Here it is just sitting on the table.

And the working side:

Notice how the yarn is closer to purple in the second picture than the first? That is closer to its actual color; it isn’t as blue as the first picture makes it look. Like all my beads strung on my yarn? That is the only PITA related to this project anymore. I am knitting in one bead for every 5 yarn overs, so I use the yarn much faster than I use the beads, which means I frequently have to slide beads back to free up more yarn from the ball. That is making this drag out a bit, but I am enjoying the work. It is not unbearable yet, and with the knowledge that yarn is going to be scarcer around the house and harder to obtain, I need to treasure every stitch I get the privilege of knitting.

If you found my site looking for Shipwreck and are wondering whether or not to give it a try, please do so. This is a beautiful piece, easy to understand, and even with the possible weirdness of the second set of leaves, it is a great piece to learn lace knitting on.


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  1. Adorable pictures of Grace!


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