“Wrecked Her? I Damn Near Killed Her!”

My Shipwreck may be sunk. Maybe.

I am up to Row 35 of the Madeira leaf motif (35 of 37…lets just say I am invested now). After this point, we go up in needle sizes and it’s faggot lace to the bitter end (why do I have a feeling that might bring me some interesting Google hits?).

Possibly mistake no. 1.
When I started on the second half of the Madeira motif Tuesday night, I opted to remove the repeat markers I had placed every two repeats (20 stitches) throughout. I was feeling very confident. You know, pride goeth before a fall and all that.

Definite mistake no. 2.
No lifeline. It would have been so easy to thread a lifeline through row 20, a row of solid knitting, no lace, and in dire straights, I could have pulled back to row 20 easily enough. As I said, I was feeling confident and lifelines are a little tedious.

You know what else is tedious? Ripping back lace. And not a little lace, but at this point, probably 13-15 rows (290 stitches each) of lace.

Today, this is what we have:

Unsexy Leaves

Once I realized there was no way the thing was right, no hope that I was just looking at it wrong and it would turn out and surprise me, my blood pressure went up. I could feel it. My stomach got queasy and clinched up. I began to hate my knitting. So the Shipwreck and I have taken a short break and a message has been sent to the designer.

Maybe I truly lost my path. It isn’t unlikely, but I never got off my stitch count either. I have a theory, but it is not one I have much faith in. I think there is a small possibility the pattern has two errors. In the first half of Madeira, at Rows 11 and 15, we are instructed to move the round marker one stitch to the left. The immediately following rows, 12 and 16, we are instructed to move the round marker one stitch back to the right, putting you back where you “should” be. After the middle “vine” and the second half of the pattern begins, at rows 23 and 27, we are instructed to move the round marker one stitch to the left. However, at no point are we instructed to move the stitch marker back to the right, so by row 28, you are working two stitches to the left of where you “should” be.

I am having trouble believing that the two sides of the motif would be that asymmetrical, especially given that my second leaves are not turning out at all. But…I am not proving to be a designer of any sort on my own currently. My basic instinct is to trust the pattern above all else, which is why I have knit about 15 rows from where my suspicions were first raised.

Still, something is telling me I might not be wrong on this.


4 responses to this post.

  1. I can’t wait to hear what the designer says.


    • Posted by laruse on March 27, 2009 at 9:15 AM

      Well, she wrote me back and explained that what I thought might be an error wasnt, but I also checked and saw quite a few updates made to the pattern on http://knitty.com itself.

      I did rip back to the halfway point last night and I will begin again, this time with markers in place and more understanding of how the lace itself works.

      Cross your fingers for me. The designer is awesome, by the way. She wrote me a long email last night and is on Ravelry answering questions on the Patterns forum.

  2. That’s great! I just know your shawl is going to be gorgeous. My lace doesn’t look nearly as nice, but I’m hoping to get there. Going to try a few easier projects before starting that shawl we were discussing before.


  3. I’m sorry this happened, but I’m glad not to feel alone. I went all the way back to Barbara Walker #1 where the pattern originally came from and charted it out myself. I know it will be worth it when it is over. Thanks for sharing your Madiera woes.


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