I Am Lucky

Have you ever felt lucky just knowing someone? Have you ever felt blessed just because you have or had someone really special in your life?

I was lucky to have my Nana. My mother’s mother. It is impossible to sum up her life; I didn’t know the half of it, and besides, she lived though two World Wars, serving in the second, a Great Depression, a husband who served in Korea and Vietnam, three children, lived in Japan, was bilingual in Lithuanian and English, whose parents were off-the-boat Lithuanians in Pennsylvania, and loved her grand-children dearly. There is no way to express a life lived like that in words.

I was lucky to know her. And it wasn’t that my Nana was a saint of a person, either. She never told her son that her husband was not his father, nor did she tell her son’s father he had a son. She had problems with alcohol and severe depression. She was unabashedly liberal, anti-organized religion, listened to Rush Limbaugh and Laura Schlesinger just to have something to pick a fight about, and kind of a gossip.

I was lucky to know her just because I was. I cannot lay my finger on exactly what made us so close, but we were closer than sisters, somehow intertwined together by some unknown bond. My uncle used to tell us we were “soul sisters,” something which used to draw a sneer from me, probably just because I don’t like the man, but Nana and I did have a relationship that seemed to transcend the bonds of blood and grandmother/granddaughter.

Maybe it was just that we had a deep understanding of each other at a time when we both felt painfully misunderstood; I was growing into adulthood and she was in her sunset years, neither of us independent but both wanting so badly to be. Maybe it was that when we talked, we could bicker and debate and never reach a conclusion, and be happy just to bickering together, or maybe we were happy debating just because we were happy to be together. I don’t know what it was.

Nine years ago today, she finally achieved her total independence and I lost a big part of me. But even though she is long gone now, I am lucky because I knew her and loved her; she is always still with me, still part of me, and that part of her that was part of me still lives on.

We will ultimately lose everyone we love. No one gets out of here alive as the saying goes. What really matters is that we have this time at all, however brief it is, to be lucky enough to have those that we love in our lives.

Constance Anne

Constance Anne Wychunas DeBolt
November 8, 1914 – March 17, 2000


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  1. […] a fun, green, drinking holiday. For me, it is an anniversary of the day my Nana left this world. I wrote about Nana last year, and about how lucky I was to have her in my life. All still very true. This year was a […]


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