My Theory On Knitting As Therapy

Slow day at work. Much knitting accomplished. See?


Now, what sucks is that my camera is showing off those orange stripes as glaringly yellow, and making the green and pink stripes almost nonexistent, so the coloring looks off-balance and strange. Still, the striping is a bit too busy for the intricate pattern and my poor cross in the middle gets pretty lost.

Stranded Cross

Anyway, once I got away from the cuff, I was pretty much on my own in terms of the rest of the pattern. I knew I wanted the motif to continue across the instep, but for the heel and bottom of the foot, I had no idea what to do. I made the turned part of my heel all the colored yarn, and the gusset is the colored yarn with black striping, with the motif continuing along the top. The gusset is pretty tricky now, trying to keep my stripes in line as I decrease down.

I am really enjoying the knitting but it is not mindless. I tried picking it up Saturday night while a friend visited, but this project is not conducive to chatting. Same with watching my Pookie; I cannot keep her from getting into trouble and follow this chart. The Monkey socks have been frogged, so really, this sock is the only serious project I have going at the moment. That is a strange feeling. My Shipwreck yarn should hopefully arrive soon. I would like to have my Stranded Cross socks finished before starting on Shipwreck, but at the rate these are going, that isn’t very likely.

There was a huge sale at Lettuce Knit (the sadly website-less one in Richmond, not the world-famous one in Toronto), and I scored enough yarn for my sister-in-law’s Christmas gift (Noro socks – she will LOVE the wild coloring), a sweater-vest for my mother, and the kitty pillow-cover from A Gathering of Lace (Meg Swansen) for my grandmother. I even got two skeins of Berroco Keltic in very nice colors that might become something for my Mother in Law. I am thinking of doing one of Jared Flood’s Noro Scarves for my brother. He likes crazy color, and it will be manly enough for him to wear and colorful enough for him to love.

If, and it is a big if, my dad gets anything hand-knit for Christmas, it will be a pair of socks – as vanilla as I can stand to knit, and that is a big if. He would be the kind to tell me he could get the same thing at Wally-World for a buck-fifty a pair.

Sure, you can get socks at Walmart for stupid cheap, but they wouldn’t be hand-made by me, and if that isn’t enough difference for someone, they get no hand-knit goodies.

Hm. Re-reading that, it sounds almost a little hostile. It is more and more obvious that I need some brainless knitting. . . I need garter stitch and I need it quick. If knitting is therapy, then garter stitch is sitting on the couch chatting easily with your counselor. I need to knit something on giant needles in fun colors and be done in a couple of hours. These stranded socks are the equivalent of tearfully dredging up “Daddy didn’t love me!” with your shrink who is shifting uncomfortably as he writes more prescriptions and checking his watch to see when your hour is up.

I need slightly less intensive therapy before my Shipwreck arrives, which is likely to be therapy in the form of Vodka and Valium; that is when your friends find you crying in the bottom of the shower, fully clothed while cold water is pouring on you; you’re wondering what you were thinking and so are your friends – that kind of therapy…

Not that I know about the multitude of forms of therapy out there. I knit, remember? Who needs therapy when you can knit? Right?



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