Mystery Shawl Fall Out

Mom asked me in the midst of the Vernal Equinox shawl what I would work on learning next. I started rattling off things like learning colorwork, and continental knitting.

So I give you my attempt to learn stranded colorwork and continental knitting all in one day.

Finnish Socks

I am S. L. O. W. at this. I have been working on this sock most of the day, and I have all of maybe 2.5 inches done. I started out knitting it strictly English style, but that was tedious, so I started carrying each color in a hand and began learning continental style. I am getting better but it is still slow going.

This chart is gorgeous, but the bear of it is that the written pattern is entirely in Finnish. I know the words for yarn, I understood what size needles the pattern called for, and that was about it. I don’t know if it was intended to be toe up or leg down, I don’t know what kind of heel or anything, so I am just kind of winging it. My version does not have picot edging (though I did investigate trying it; I changed my mind when I saw it needed a provisional cast-on. I hates me a crochet hook, I tell you), just plain 1×1 ribbing. It is much prettier with the picot edging.

Like the designer, I am going to work one repeat of the cross pattern down the leg before beginning the heel. The cross pattern will be continued across the instep and the original designer has a design along the bottom of the foot that I might try and replicate, but it has no chart that I could find. It remains to be seen if I am willing to “wing it” quite that much.

The key to this whole project is that Michael’s had Paton’s Kroy on sale for $2.50 a ball, the catch being they had exactly two balls left: this black and this self-striper called Tutti-Fruity. Two balls makes one pair and I am very nervous I will come up short, so these will be little ankle socks. They are quite thick feeling so far and I bet they are going to be nice and cushy.

Did you see the Shipwreck Shawl in the last post? I have ordered my yarn: six balls of Knit Picks Palette Yarn in colorway Clematis Heather. I am not interested in dyeing it myself. My yarn should be here in the next week or so (hopefully enough time for me to finish my Finnish Socks…get it, finish my Finnish socks? Zing!). I bought the seed beads I wanted to go with it, though I might have to get more. The designer said 5000! They will hopefully go beautifully with my yarn. I have US4 double pointed needles, but not most of the appropriate sized circular needles I need. I cannot find ANY 40″ long circulars of any size at the chain stores. Thirty-six inches is as high as they go. I am going to write some local friends and see if they have needles in the necessary sizes so I don’t have to keep buying new needles at $6-12 a pop. I have never seen one project need so many needle sizes.

I cannot wait for my pretty new yarn to arrive…and yes, I realize the irony of ordering yarn online the day after I write a “please buy locally” post.

No one is perfect, right?


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