Winter’s Last Blast

I am in a knitting slump.

I don’t know what is going on; whether I am being lazy with my knitting or just not interpreting things correctly, but things have not been going well.

Since the Vernal Equinox shawl started going badly, I have felt kind of shaken when I pick up my needles. That might be the big contributor to my lack of ability lately. Or maybe I am just knitting from lousy patterns.

That being said, I did achieve this on Friday/Saturday.

New Hat

That is the handspun Copperpot wool and what we will call ‘creatively spun’ Romney. I love the hat even though it is a bit big.

Every good garment needs a cute model:

Wearing Mommys Hat

Aside from the hat, I knit very little over the weekend. I finished Clue 6a of the Vernal Equinox, spun and knit the hat, worked a tiny but on my adapted lace scarf, and tried (and failed) to knit a cotton dishcloth. First, I tried a pattern from my mom’s dish cloth book. The pattern has a lot of long stitches throughout, but as the pattern reads, something is wrong.

On Row 3, you YO twice on each stitch to create a long stitch. Got that. So for every one of the original 38 cast on stitches, you should have two new wraps around the needle, right? Then the next row says purl across purling into the first wrap of each long stitch and letting the second wrap drop off. Sure, reads just fine, right? Except that unless you are purling two together (the actual knit stitch of row three plus one of the YOs) you wind up with double the number of stitches on the needle. Right?

I read ahead, guessing that somewhere along the lines, we would decrease these stitches, but after purling across, you purl again, then you K1 YO K2tog across the next row, then purl, and so forth and so on until you repeat the pattern.

So, either I am not understanding the long stitch row or the row immediately following properly, or the pattern is wrong, and since Leisure Arts doesn’t have a single errata sheet on their site, I am sort of inclined to believe the pattern might be wrong and they don’t care to fix it. That’s what I am going with anyway.

I gave up on that pattern and found a pretty pinwheel style pattern and decided to give it a try. Except as I knit the first “wedge” and got to the end, the pattern just said repeat Rows 1-whatever 6 more times for a total of 7 sections. It didn’t explain how to get from the 14 stitches I had left on the needle back to the 16 I was supposed to cast on and begin the next section from the first. Besides, I realized I had left off the picot edging and so eventually, just gave up in a lack of understanding and frustration.

Thus ended my first two attempts at knitting cotton.

Ultimately, I spend the rest of my three days off dying wool and spinning.

Three days? Why yes, I had a three day weekend.

As much as I think it never snows in Richmond, sometimes I am wrong. This was the front of the house yesterday morning:

Snow Blow

And this:

First Snow

My Red Maple

My Sweet One

There was probably 5 inches of snow for us, much more around the outskirts of the city, and neither of us had to go in yesterday. We kept our power for the most part, but lots of folks are still without and it was single digit weather this morning.

It is March, right?



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