Kiss Winter Goodbye

This might not surprise you, but I am into more than just string and pre-string (that is unspun fiber for the uninitiated). I like shiny things too, and a few years ago, I got into making rosaries.

I sold a couple of them, and I made a few custom orders. There is something very appealing to me about making rosaries. They are traditional but unique. They are historical but modern. They are practical, but a bit of a luxury. I used semi-precious and glass beads, fresh water pearls, bone and wood. I have used silk to string them, and metal to wire them.

My favorite I ever made was all freshwater pearls for ave beads with garnet pater beads. It was stunning; expensive to make, hard to let go of.

I never sold more than a handful because my ability to reach out to people who might be interested was very limited 4 years ago. Now, thanks to <A href=”http://infiniteyarns.etsy.comMy Etsy Shop, I have the ability to reach beyond my work and circle of friends.

I put three rosaries up for sale today. One I called the “Ice Rosary” when I made it. Silver and clear dichrioc glass beads paired with clear quartz rondelles made this rosary kind of shimmery.


I have a green glass one that makes me think of Saint Patrick’s day and celtic rosaries:

Emerald Isle

And my favorite of the ones I still have because, as I have mentioned, I have a problem with blue:
My Blue Problem

If these sell at all, I will probably offer an ad for custom rosaries, the price and delivery time being based on the requested materials.

In knitting news, the Vernal Equinox is coming along. I am more or less taking my time now with it. The final pattern is still a week a way and I have about 3 and a half rows left to complete of the 22 rows of this pattern. It is less of a joy to work on now that I know just how imperfect it is; now that my mistake with the wrong yarn has come to light and the shawl has no hope of being just right.

It is now an endurance challenge. Can I keep it up when the whole thing might be ruined beyond redemption due to the change in gauge? It might look okay or it might look awful; I cannot tell at this point since the whole thing is so bunched together on the 29″ circular needles. The only way to know whether it is okay or not is to finish it and take it off the needles. So the challenge lies in finishing it, for better or worse now, not knowing whether it looks okay or is ruined beyond use.

I am committed to the bitter end. And this ending might be quite bitter. There is just no way to tell.

In the meantime, I am still doing my penance on the cobweb weight blue lace. I think I will cast on some socks this weekend too. I have this neat looking Patons Kroy sock yarn:

Next Socks

I am considering using that yarn for Cookie A.’s Monkey Socks. Her socks, as modeled in that issue of Knitty, are in pretty Spring colors. I will work mine in a colorway that is a final nod to Winter.

I am ready to kiss winter goodbye.


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