Maimed Lace

We are less than a week from March.  My nose is stuffy, my eyes itch, there is this nagging cough, and a general feeling of spring-time ick.  All these things point to a turn in the weather, right? 


Wrong.  It was 28 degrees again this morning; it’s supposed to get to 21 tonight.  I know the lettuce and spinach I planted yesterday likes cold; I hope it likes this kind of cold.  All that being said, the low for Thursday, the LOW, not the high, is supposed to be 50 degrees.  You can’t see it, but I am dancing a jig in anticipation.


Other things that have me vibrating in place with anticipation – Clue 6a for the Vernal Equinox shawl came out this morning.  It is only 22 rows.  The last clue was 20 rows and I thought it would be a slow knit, but I was done in two days.  I am reluctant to say this one will be quick; we are expanding to 437 stitches across by the end and that is going to take some time to work.  The final clue is supposed to come out next Friday, March 6.  I am excited.  I can feel my enthusiasm waning and I am just ready for it to be over; I wish, just a bit, that she had not split the final clue in two.  I can has finished shawl now?  Still, I am waiting with bated breath for my 11 a.m. front desk shift for an hour of intermittently-interrupted knitting (all kinds of alliteration in there!).


Also, I am anticipating $20 to appear in my Paypal account at any time now.  Paypal tells me it is processing and due to arrive today.  I am annoyed because The Copper Pot has wool I want, and including shipping, I will get a hand-dyed 4 ounce roving (in colorway “Big Sky” which is NOT a blue as it’s name suggests, I swear) and an un-dyed half pound Corriedale roving for exactly the amount I will have in my Paypal account, once that $20 arrives. 


In other knitting news, the lace I posted yesterday is Adamas by Miriam Felton.  I have managed to completely bungle the current row because I was flying along without stitch markers and I even managed to drop a stitch (though it was rescued).  Having badly mangled it this early on has my confidence shaken and I am getting a strong urge to just rip it.  I am resisting that urge and leaving it alone until Clue 6a is done, at which point I will probably tink this poor, maimed row, and reknit actually employing stitch markers this time.  If I had just used markers, I would have saved myself an hour of hair-pulling frustration last night. 


Actually, I do blame some of Adamas’ issues on a crappy movie.  I am a huge fan of the old cartoon Futurama, and since its revival on Adult Swim, they have been releasing direct to DVD feature-length movies.  The first one was fun.  The second one was a stretch.  The third one, which we rented over the weekend, actually caused me to become dumber as I watched it.  I was knitting right along, and about the time the cast fell through a hole in Mom’s Secret Laboratory and landed in Middle Earth was about the time my knitting went all sideways.  So really, it wasn’t entirely my lack of organization or skills; I lost 21.2% of my total brain capacity as long as that DVD was playing.


We turned it off eventually and put on the Oscars; my brain function only gained back about 5% at that point; Hugh Jackman couldn’t save me.  Fortunately, Big Love came on and restored full brain function, but by then, I had abandoned the needles for fear of being dumb enough not only to maim Adamas beyond repair, but maybe injuring myself at that point. 


Some people say “Friends don’t let friends knit drunk.”  I say “Friends don’t let friends knit with stupid television.”


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