Stress Dream

My daughter is amazing. We had a business meeting to attend last night and for the first time, Grace played happily at my feet, being sweet and calm, allowing me to knit and participate in the meeting (knitting actually improves my disposition for these things). So I spent the meeting working on my first grafted toe.

Here is the first of Broadripple:

Dont Get Gross About My Feet Okay

To say my Kitchner stitch sucks is an understatement. I am going to work on it.

Here it is, unmodeled, in better light:


I am over an inch into the second sock, and while I have some symptoms of Second Sock Syndrome (“SSS”), which means the pattern is starting to make my teeth itch, I think this one will be done before the next Vernal Equinox shawl pattern comes out on Monday. In a perfect world, I would have them done before Mom leaves to go home to Suffolk tomorrow so that she could show off her new socks and make my grandmother and father jealous, but my world is alas, not so perfect.

Continuing the jealous theme; to make any of my northern readers jealous, check this:

Spring is Coming

That is two blocks from my office. Not sure what you are looking at? See those trees? Do you see the hint of green about them? That is spring-time baby! It is the middle of February and there is a greenish tinge to the trees around downtown Richmond. Even with yesterday’s wet snow, my rose bushes are showing life and new growth. This is especially important to me since I transplanted them in early January, just before the really bad cold snap, and I was worried those few days with highs in the teens and twenties might have really hurt them. I have to get my garden turned over and some topsoil down; I need to get my tomato seeds in their little cups and get them started.

I had an interesting dream last night. I dreamed that I took the Vernal Equinox shawl and wrapped it around myself. I was displaying it for someone and the dream was so detailed that I remember feeling the weight of it and its softness in my dream. Then, as I was showing how large it was turning out, I realized it wasn’t finished yet, still on the needles and that it was too big to be stretched out as I had been displaying it. It was falling off each end of the circular needles and I frantically tried to rescue it but knew losing all of those intricate stitches would mean no hope of recovery.

I woke up a little stressed thinking I had actually done this boneheaded thing, which of course, I hadn’t. Yet. This was probably my brain was warning me not to be an idiot, since I have been contemplating running a string through the stitches and pulling the needle out so I can see how the shawl is taking shape. You can be sure after that dream, there will be no “stringing” just to take a peek.

Do you ever dream about your knitting?


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