I forgot my stupid camera again, but it’s SNOWING!

Snow. Falling. In. Richmond, Virginia. My theory is proven out again that if we have a couple of 70 degree days in January/February, snow will follow within a week.

So last night, I skeined the “It’s really not that green” handspun and it turns out, it really is that green. I didn’t ply it; I just washed it and hung it. It has enough bulk on its own that I think it will be fine as a single. I haven’t tried to count up the yardage or anything at this point but it was a lot of yarn. I plan to break it into two skeins and I will offer it on Etsy, probably for about $12 a skein.

I am down to the last 3-4 inches of the first Broadripple sock of my mom’s pair. Who would have guessed that this ball of yarn:

Sox yarn

Would produce this type of color progression?

Mom's Broadripple Sock

I was completely expecting stripes and I really wanted stripes, but what I got was this really fabulous color shift that kind of spirals around the leg. I hated it at first, especially in the garter cuff, but the more I worked on it, the more I loved it, and now I say to heck with stripes! This coloring looks great. Stripes turned up in the heel and gusset but now that I am back into my original 56 stitches, it is working on spiraling down around the foot.

Here is a closer up view of the pattern:
Close Up of Broadripple

It has been almost 6 hours since I started this post. It is, of course, no longer snowing, but it was nice while it fell. What a day! Happy knitting!


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