That Day Which All Men Dread

So, Happy Valentine’s Day, also known as the day every year men everywhere better come up with something extra special so as not to wind up in the “doghouse.” My beloved husband tried to impress me on our first Valentine’s date with a card that implied he was breaking up with me and a stuffed white beanie baby tiger. This incident triggered our longstanding pact to just ignore the holiday.

I need no cards (what does someone else’s words mean to me anyway?), I want no flowers (unless they are in dirt and will grow in my rose garden), I need no junk made in China that will gather dust and eventually just wind up at Good Will. Upon agreeing upon the No Valentine’s Day Pact, Byram declared me the best wife in the world, and still regularly does so. I unfortunately have to defend him when I tell other ladies about our pact. I regularly hear from women words along the lines of “I wouldn’t let my man get away with doing nothing for Valentine’s day,” or, and I dislike this one the most, “If I don’t get something nice, he knows he’s in the doghouse.”

Gah. Doesn’t that attitude make you want to gag? Maybe not; I am pretty opinionated so I get it if you do like getting a little something extra on this one day out of the year.

So. Back to what you came for, which I am sure wasn’t my rant on the reverse-sexism (I hate calling it reverse; sexism is sexism) of Valentine’s day. You’re here for knitting, not preaching.

Thus, I give you a sock as seen from 10 floors up above downtown Richmond:

A Sock

Here it is with a nice view of what I get to see out of the window here (that is the James River in the distance):

A Sock with a View

Now with its 2/3rds finished mate:


Note how almost perfectly I managed to line up the stripes. Nice, huh? Let’s hope it lasts. If I don’t have a pointy blue toe at the end, I am going to be grumpy, because, as I have said, I have a problem with blue.

More proof that I have a problem with blue:

Blue Ring

That is a cobalt blue glass ring made by my friend Christine who you can find on Etsy here.

Here is a pretty view of it over the city:

It glows in the sunlight.

It is good to have friends with crazy cool skills.


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