Happy Hallmark Holiday

Ah! Clue 5 is out this morning! I was going to say that this looks like a quick knit, but the reality is that it probably won’t be. I really prefer the idea of 23 repeats over the 39 repeats of the previous Clue, and I love that it doesn’t look like we will have “steal” stitches from any neighboring repeats; something which slowed me down terribly. That being said, we will be ending with 341 stitches on the needles which is a somewhat daunting number.

I just realized I didn’t bring the shawl with me to work, so I won’t be starting on it today anyway. That is probably a good thing anyway. This weekend we are traveling and it is probably safest to work on something like socks that takes no mental effort anyway.

Byram’s second sock is almost finished. I ‘made it around the Horn’ last night. That is always the phrase that comes to mind as I change directions with a heel. It is probably not the only nautical reference you will see here. I am on the other side of “the Horn” when I make my last gusset decrease. Then it’s straight on until decrease.

I love knitting socks. I have come to the conclusion that knitting equals love. You put hours and hours (and hours on end, sometimes) into a project for someone; you chose the yarn, the size, the pattern, you knit, sometimes you have to unknit, sometimes a LOT, but you persevere so they can hold in their hands your love of them, personified in wool.

Socks take it a step (how about that pun!) further. Socks go on the hardest working part of our bodies. They are especially intimate, worn against bare skin, and if worn under shoes and long pants, they are almost like a little secret of love you walk around in, no one else knowing just how loved you are to be wearing such precious and individual little things.

And while something as precious and time consuming as a lace shawl is a wondrous expression of love, socks strike me as the ultimate sacrifice for the sake of love. A shawl, a high ceremony kind of item, will come out for special occasions and be put back away until its next use; and cared for properly, this can go on indefinitely. Socks, on the other hand (or foot; I am awesome!), are an every day kind of item, and they have a lifespan. Depending on the wearer, possibly a very short one. They are the sacrificial lambs of knitting; a good cause one might say.

I cannot wait to finish Byram’s sock and see him wear them for the first time. They are not Valentine’s day gifts, per se; we made a pact years ago to allow this particular Hallmark Holiday pass us by unnoticed every year. They are simply my love of him, personified in wool, knit with love and joy, in the knowledge that one day, they will wear out.

So on this eve of the worst of all Hallmark holidays, I wish you love, joy, warmth in wool, peace in knitting, and the knowledge that if someone gifts you with hand knit socks, then you are truly loved.


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