Making Headway.

Introducing, my Etsy Shop. I am terribly proud of it I must confess, and I have my first item up for sale; the Lightning Bolt hat.

Lightning Bolt

It is a pattern of my own devising that had a little influence from…ahem…well, Harry Potter. I thought of his zig-zag scar and it sort of grew out from there. I don’t think it is enough that J.K. Rowling is going to sue me, but if she asks…eh, she won’t. Never mind.

Clue 4 of the Vernal Equinox is finished. I am shawl free until Friday. Of course, I am jonsing for the next pattern to come out, but at the same time, I am sort of grateful. Knitting all of those little diamonds was wearing a hole in my brain.

I am working on the mate to Byram’s sock. I finished the first last night, knitting half asleep, and was pleasantly surprised just before closing my eyes for dreamland to see Byram try on the completed sock and find its fit to be marvelous. Husband-approved socks are a true work of art.

The Not so Green green yarn as seen here:

Its Really Not That Green

Is still in exactly this condition. I wanted to Navajo ply it. Lacking even just one extra bobbin for my wheel, and being too broke to pay $30 for a second one, that plan is problematic. I am considering trying the Andean ply, but am admittedly intimidated of plying what is likely almost 600 yards of wool from one hand.

I could ask some of my local fiber friends who also have wheels if I could borrow their Kate and their wheel and Navajo ply one evening at practice; I don’t know what my reluctance to do this is.

The other idea I am batting around is to just skein it and offer it on Etsy as an energized single. I could offer to set the twist for them or I could send it to the buyer as is, and allow them to ply it with whatever they want. I looked and there are people selling plain old singles on Etsy but mostly of what is commonly called “art yarn” (what I would normally call junk, unless you need a kind of slubby yarn for something). As it is, it is overspun, since it was intended to be plied. I am leaning hardest towards attempting an Andean ply, but as I said, I am nervous about handing that much yarn. I also gave some thought to plying it with this pretty gemstone silk yarn I have in black.

Either way, I really want to try and get it sold. I need the money to buy more roving and then I can offer more yarns and play with more fiber.

I have a long list of things to accomplish before Friday; Byram’s second sock needs to be done. I want to finish plying that pain in the butt really soft Ashland Bay and get it on Etsy. I absolutely have to find garb to wear to this weekend’s medieval event, plus find (hopefully not make) something for Grace to wear, plus pack our vehicle, shine my jewelry, and get everything a toddler will need for a weekend together to go. I also have to eventually buy food for the house. Tonight is covered with a whole chicken, which means tomorrow we can have chicken stew, but after that, it gets a little fuzzy as to what we can eat aside from lentils and a variety of frozen vegetables.


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