Warm Days

I spent some of my morning staring intently at my favorite city in the world via Google Earth. New Orleans. I love that city. I hate what has happened to it in recent years, but my desire to visit is not lessened.

I first went in 2004. We spent 3 days tooling around the city, staying with friends in a mansion just outside of the bustle of the Quarter. We went again in 2007 and stayed only for an evening. It was very different. Driving along I-10 looking at the still devastated communities was appalling. The Quarter was still the Quarter; misty and magical in the midnight fog, but it was quieter with so many shuttered doors that there were whole sections that just seemed abandoned.

I have this intense desire to go find a warm spot to sit in Jackson Square and knit a few rounds of a sock.

Anyway. Last night was spent at the drop spindle. I probably could have finished the remaining rows of Clue 4 of the VE Shawl, but something was calling me to my spindle. After spinning up all my Ashland Bay, I took a swing a plying, something I have never excelled at and do not feel well equipped to do, but I did get about half of the skein plied before it was 11:30 and my eyes were crossing from being so tired. I was hoping for laceweight, but while I haven’t measured wraps per inch, I am guessing it will be more of a baby or sport weight, possibly as much as a DK weight.

It is going to be something like 72 degrees this afternoon and I am hoping to find a warm spot outside and go knit. Maybe I’ll just take the sock that needs work and leave the shawl here. I wish there were leaves on trees and green things growing, but this is just a foretaste of spring. I see a few more days with highs in the 30s in our future.

I am counting the minutes to spring. Can you tell?


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