I Dyed Inside A Little

I am on the downhill now on the 4th clue of Vernal Equinox.  About an hour ago, I finished the last “slow” row.  In these rows, each of the 39 repeats “steals” a stitch from its neighbor with a sl1, k2tog, psso, which means I spend a lot of time moving stitch markers.  Now there are only 10 rows left of the clue, which, if things go alright, I think I can have finished by tomorrow night.  The next clue is scheduled to come out on Friday.  Since she releases the pattern at midnight, Finland time (I think), I don’t know if that means it will actually be out on Thursday, EST, or Friday.  Either way, at 6pm EST on Friday, I am hopping in the car with my family and headed south for the weekend, so I suspect there will be a serious lack of knitting on the new pattern. 


Friday, after a gin and tonic or three, I decided it would not benefit my relationship with the Vernal Equinox shawl to pick up the needles, but Star Trek II was on and I needed knitting material suitable for a movie.  I got the first of Byram’s socks knitted to the heel flap.  Saturday, while running the registration table at a local SCA event, I turned, picked up, and gusseted my way towards a sock during the slow times.  I am halfway to the toe now and hope to finish that sock before Friday and have the second one cast on for traveling and sitting around this weekend. 


At Saturday’s event, I was gifted out of the blue with a Spanish Peacock drop spindle and niddy noddy.  I have know Miguel for years now and have enjoyed his works before they were at the high standard they have now achieved.  In fact, I have sworn to never publicly display the Turkish spindle I own that was one of his earliest prototypes.  Along with the wooden lovelies I was gifted with came the gift of fiber- specifically, Ashland Bay multi-colored Colonial top and some unknown white roving. 


I have been drop-spinning the Ashland Bay but I got froggy with the unknown white.  While the girl-child and husband were blissfully nappy, I was working alchemy in the kitchen and turning white fiber into brightly colored fiber.  My two attempts, first with the unknown whit and second with an ounce of mohair, came out quite colorful, as did my hands. 


My lack of uploading-foo means pictures will have to come later, but the results were quite pretty.  The unknown wool was dyed red and yellow, and the mohair was blue and green (I tried, I really tried to stay away from blue, but I couldn’t.  I told you I have a problem with blue…).


What comes next, I am not sure.  I suppose they have to be washed again to clean off the excess dye.  I have to avoid felting while getting the samples pretty clean.  And what does someone do with a tiny (1 ounce or so) bit of hand-dyed, unspun wool?  Why, we spin it, of course, and take pictures to share.


I promise, the second half of my 25 things is coming eventually.  I promise more pictures too.  And more knitty goodness.


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