A New Beginning and An Introduction

So welcome to my new blog.  Most of my early readers will be frommy former blogs, but I am doing a quick introduction here for any one who finds me from Ravelry or, well…Google.  I have been blogging since November 2000, first on a site called Diaryland, then moving to Livejournal.  My work has recently blocked Livejournal as a social networking/dating site, so WordPress is my new home until it is ultimately blocked as well.  Then I might just have to get my own domain. 


My blog, http://laruse.livejournal.com should remain active and it will be my blog about my daily life, raising my daughter, living life with my husband, sharing space with my mother (who sort of lives with us and helps us by watching said daughter while we maintain gainful employment), my activities within the the SCA.  This blog will be primarily focused on my passion for fiber in almost all forms. 


I have been a handspinner for years, but only recently acquired a spinning wheel, so my passion has been renewed as I am learning how to manage a wheel over a little drop spindle.  I have done much ‘narrow-ware’ weaving in the past (inkle only), and I have done finger-loop braiding and lucet, neither of which set my world on fire.  I have spent several years spinning woolly goodness into string that ultimately wound up in a drawer, having no idea what to do with handspun wool that didn’t make good weaving material.  As time passed, I let up on spinning and even weaving, until recently.


My Nana was a knitter and a tatter, but by the time I knew her, she was blind from macular degeneration.  Still, I remember her teaching me how to cast on yarn to knit when I was 5 or 6.  I became so frustrated I gave up almost immediately.  My mother likewise tried to teach me how to crochet when I was 10 or 11, but I found it maddening and gave up too. 


It wasn’t until I was 26 years old that I finally found the patience to learn to knit, and it has become a passion of mine, which is to say that I have gained weight, my house is less neat than ever, and I have spent a lot of money, all in my endeavors to turn out knitted woolies. 


So, this is a blog, right?  Let’s start out with a meme and I will tell you 25 Random Things about myself.


1.  My name is Kim, I live in Richmond, Virginia, which is perfect because it is equidistant to both the mountains and the sea. 

2.  I married a man named Byram, 9 years older than me.  We met when I was 18 through a mutual friend. 

3.  That mutual friend, Cesca, died 5 years later of complications from Addison’s disease, two weeks shy of her 24th birthday, eight weeks before Byram and I were married.  It still really hurts to think about that.

4.  I am active within the Society for Creative Anachronism; we play at the Middle Ages and I love it. 

5.  Grace, my daughter was born in September of 2007.  I never thought such hard work could be so much fun. 

6.  I have a problem with blue.  We will get more into depth about that as time goes by.

7.  I have a strange fixation with the number 1013.  No, really.  I do.  And I cannot explain it.

8.  I work for the Commonwealth of Virginia.  Even more, I work for lawyers for the Commonwealth.  And strangely, I love my job. 

9.  I can knit at work.  I used to knit at my desk whenever I had time between projects, but that is on hold for a while.  But I can knit at the front desk where I take a couple hours of shifts to answer our main phone line.

10.  I am powered by coffee.  I would rather drink coffee than eat chocolate.

11.  I sew, but not often or of any quality. 

12.  I am unapologetically Catholic.  I even chose to be Catholic, converting and being confirmed in 2004, even in the midst of the abuse scandal.  I was raised Baptist and played at Pagan for a while.  I finally found what I was looking for. 


I think 25 is a lot.  How about I post the rest tomorrow?  In the meantime, I will leave you with how I spent about 2 hours last night:


I transformed this, as created by Danido at Etsy:






Into this:



That was fun.  I am ready for some more.


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